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The power of Dancing

The Witch of Portabello

This is the book I am currently reading. The main character in this book meets a fellow who has a dance medatation group who get their souls going by dancing to drum rythems. I am now half way in and she has found a way to channel a higher being from dancing out of rythem. Now there are many other interesting twists and turns in this book as Paulo Coelho is a complex and compelling writer however this is the plot I am currently wanting to address.

It got me thinking about when I was younger and went dancing at the bar in Lake Louise at least twice a week. I remember that I laughed quite a bit more back then. I was in much better shape in those days. Even thought it came along with debauchery and very little sleep I managed to have loads of energy throughout the day. The snow didn’t bother me. We danced in it. The rain was a wonderful rhythm to move to.

I don’t know it could be due to youth, or the mountian air but I am thinking there might be something to this whole idea that dancing connects you to your soul and thus happiness.

So in the next month I am going to dance at least 20 minutes a day. Just to see what happens.


Summer time and the living is LARGE

I have a few things going on this summer that are new and exciting.

Recently I was asked to play drums for The Dave Connolly Band

You can catch us on Saturdays between 2:00pm and 4:30pm at The Factory in Charlottown PEI

The only exception to this is Sat Aug 2nd as we will be performing at The 2014 Celebration in Fort Amherst at Rocky Point. Also playing at the festival will be John Connolly, and Lennie Gallant. The day of music is kicking off 1pm.

On the acting front I was cast  in the Shakespeare in Cotton Park . This year they are putting on Much Ado About Nothing. I will be playing Hero’s mother. This is my first crack at Shakespeare and I was a bit nervous at first but it is coming togeather quite wonderfully. It might just be my new love.  This show will be running August 22, 23, 24,  28, 29, 30, 31 at 5:00pm in Cotton Park Stratford PEI.

I have also been cast in a new play about alzheimer’s. I will be playing the eldest daughter of a woman who has developed alzheimer’s.  This performance means quite a bit to me as my father is in the beginning stages of this and it is slowly breaking my heart. All the profits from this production is going to the Alzheimer’s Society.

The dates for this production are as follows

Sunday, September 21 – Launch of play in Summerside at Harbourfront Theatre 3PM Opening

Saturday, September 27 – 2nd showing in Souris at the Souris Showhall 7PM opening

Friday, October 3 – final production in Charlottetown at Carrefour  7PM opening



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