Year of Firsts 2019

57_1Thus begins my 49th year
and with it I will start checking things off the bucket list.  My friend Bernice who has also just entered her 49th year mentioned the idea of doing something you have never done or gone somewhere you have never been at least once a month this year. Outstanding idea!
Trying to find at least 12 new activities that I have never done will be a challenge as I have done quite alot in my life.  I have been hoisted 20 feet in the air in a monkey suit for The Wizard of OZ musical at the confederation centre of the arts.  I have rock climbed in Thailand, boot skied on a glacier lost control and almost died in Alberta.  I have hike thru a gorge in Australia,  drove thru rivers in Costa Rica, climbed a live vocano in Guatemala,  went sailing in New Zealand, snorkeled in Belize,  joined in on the kava cermony in Figi and did a river boat tour in The Golden Triangle.  There has been no shortage of experiences that is for sure.  But this year I will add at least 12 more to that list.  So here we go…
Some of the ideas friends suggested:
Sky diving
Float tank
Whale Sharks
Tight rope walking
Visit England
Axe Throwing
Hot Air Balloon
Go to Machu Picchu and hike the Inca Trail
All great ideas looking forward to trying a few

The List of Accomplished Firsts

April 15th 2019 : Landed in Stevensvile NFL
#1 April 25th2019 : Visited The Bottle House and the Tinny Castles Prince Edward Island Canada
#2 June 28th 2019 : The Skywalk Toronto Ontario Canada
#3 July 2019 : Painting my first self portrait in acrlic
#4 August 2019 :
#5 September 2019 :

The Year of Firsts #3   July    Painting a self portrait in Acrilic

When I started this project I did not think I was going to be painting a self portrait.  I was painting a tree.  A fictional tree at that.  Something with no restrains or a look I needed to emulate.  I just started painting and it fell out.


After I was finished and was sitting with Karla looking at our finished paintings I saw it. The tree was hair and the trunk the body. The painting was no longer finished and I had my work cut out for me.



So I went home and flipped thru all my gig photos and didn’t I have a  picture of me playing the bass that would line up perfectly. Well except that my face was looking at the neck of the guitar and I needed to be singing upward ino order for the angles to work. I kept looking and found a photo that was perfect on the face portion but not the body so I got on my affinity program and spliced them together.








Now just to be clear I could never sing like that while playing the bass. No way man.  But that is the beauty of editing.

Once they were put together I was ready to paint.



So I made myself another canvas and the real challange started.  How to do this without cheapening the picture already finished.  Well I have to admit I did some tracing.


And there was no way I was going to try and do eyes. lol So I opted to make it  a silhouette.    But then the sky background was so beautiful Karla sugested that the vest be just an outline with the sky coming thru.  I liked that idea but I needed  to darken the sky in the vest a bit. My skin I matched the color of the tree trunk and my hair matched the color of the leaves. Then there was the guitar.  I balanced the color of the green in the tree with the green of the guitar and then the white in the field was balanced with the white of the microphone. The red flowers were balanced with the microphone handle.

On a side note: I have painted in acrlic once before.  It was in a class where we all painted a gords.


This was very fun, however the self portrait was much more challenging.  And yet much more enjoyable. (I think that had to do a bit with the company and the wine)

I am so pleased with the finished product.  Althought I am thinking about doing some of the tree texture on the arms. But I may not.


My first cd was called Earthchild and I have also titled my first self portriat Earthchild as well.


The Year of Firsts #2   June   The Skywalk 

When we arrived at basecamp we were not sure what we were getting ourselves into.  They tested and retested the gear making sure we were roped up tight and safe.
As we exited the top of the building the rush of adrenaline took me over from the tips of my fingers to the tops of my toes. (Note said toes were  hanging over the edge of the walkway alot of the time)
We started of slow and timid but by the end of the walk Rocky had us hanging over the edge like monkeys in the jungle.
The freedom was exhilarating.
Soon Rocky had us doing circus tricks.

My heart was pounding the whole time and I have to say my second “First” is going to be hard to top.


There is nothing like seeing millions of people, buildings, and cars looking like ants and toys.  Wow was spoken quite alot this glorious afternoon.  Thanks so much Trudy for treating me to such a wonderful afternoon.

So for my baby first I put together this song to go with the video they gave us (I edited it a bit) If you want to go on the walk with us have a look.


The Year of First #1  May The Bottle House

April 15th 2019: My first, first was unintentional. I had never been to Newfoundland and my plane got diverted from Charlottetown PEI to Stevensville NFL. We were only there 2 hours and never got off the plane but still it was the kick off and so it goes.
May 25th 2019: My choosen first was The Bottle House. I learned about this place about 7 years ago when I first moved to PEI and I always talked about going but never did. Today we made our way to Wellington PEI where we found these wonderful 3 structures.
Edouard Arsenault started to build the origional bottle houses in1980 at the age of 66. At the time there was no recycling programs set up and he decided to do this as a hobby. He got most of his bottles from the local restaurant and dance hall. As the six gable structure started to take shape visitors started to pass by impressed by his work so in 1981 The first Bottle House was open to the public.
The Chapel was the first building we visited. It is made of approximately 10,000 bottles. There are only 4 blue bottles used in this structure.
The walkway to the next house was lined with a fish pond and gardens with a pretty little bottle tree.
The 6 Gable House was the first house that Edouard built using about 12000 bottles. Back then the only bottles that were recycled were pop and beer. Everything else went to the dump. So each week Edouard took he old truck down to the dump to gather bottles from the dance hall, the legion and the local restaurants as well as the dump. People started to hear about his project so they began to bring him bottles. People have now brought bottles from all over the world.
The Tavern was my favorite. Whiskey in the Jars. The colors were spectacular and there were so many unique looking bottles. My favorite was the fish swallowing the world.
The added bonus to our trip today was going to visit The Little Castles. Located near New London these tiny intricate replicas of historic castles were gorgous. It is now privately owned and no longer a tourist attraction so we were kind of breaking in so we didn’t stay long.

Happiness is a choice