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Ellen Carol was raised in Regina Saskatchewan however she has been addicted to taking her music on the road since 1990. While traveling around the globe Ellen has shared her songs. In turn she was given the experiences with other musicians that have enhanced her lyrical and musical style. After spending 10 years in Toronto the earth child Ellen Carol has transformed into a street savvy songstress. Still, she sports her peace love rock and roll roots and this has placed many opportunities to grow on her concrete path.

One of these opportunities was recording an album with Don Kerr (Rheostatics,  Ron Sexsmith) who Ellen met thru another musician friend Nigel Barnes.

“Karma had a huge hand in the making of my cd Slidin. I offered to sing back up for Nigel, Don offered to mix for Nigel, Nigel and I needed a duo demo and Don recorded us and charged us a hug, thus I offered to help to build his new studio “The Rooster” (insulation up my nose) and he made time in his packed schedule to help me create my 3rd cd Slidin”

I am most proud of Distant Sky (A Nigel Barnes co-write), which I wrote about my hometown. I wanted the prairie rain storm to shine through and everyone who participated in the production of this song worked hard to try and understand my odd musical instructions like, you know when the rain has stopped and it is dripping from the eaves. That is how I want you to play piano. In the end I was understood and I am thankfully the universe placed such talented people in my path.”

“Be good to people and something beautiful will be created every time.”

Ellen has recorded 3 solo cds and one with her band Sammy. Her music utilized in a variety of movies featuring stars Andie MacDowell and Rob Lowe.

Besides performing as a musician she has participated variety of stage acting projects which had her doing everything from lead acting to directing. This experience has inspired her to write her first musical which she is in the process of completing.

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